Replacement Windows and Replacement Doors

Within your home, windows and doors serve as your connection to the outside world. This connection should be unabated by dingy windows and shoddy doors. Replacing your windows and doors improves your home's image and your view to the outside world.

Aesthetic aside, replacing the doors and windows of your home may also save you money. Improved windows and doors provide a better insulation against the drastic weather we face in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Braving a winter in Southeastern Pennsylvania can be a quite a burden on your heating bill. On other hand, keeping yourself cool from the humid summers burns a lot of electricity. With new replacement windows and doors, you can significantly curb these costs. To promote energy efficiency, the US government is currently offering a tax credit to qualified homeowners for high efficiency replacement doors and windows.

JB Funk Construction's experience installing and improving homes is unsurpassed throughout Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties. For the past 24 years JB Funk Construction has provided exceptional replacement windows and replacement doors service for your neighbors.